Paddock Board - $290 per month

  • Pasture and/or free choice hay (as appropriate)
  • Diet balanced via FeedXL
  • 24 hour semi-private turnout with shelter
  • Hooves trimmed and grooming every 8 weeks
  • Year-round deworming based on FEC
  • Annual (spring) veterinary exam including core vaccines, dental exam and sheath cleaning (as appropriate)
  • Observation and human contact at least twice a day

  • Note: New arrivals are required to pay a one-time $250 deposit to cover end of life expenses.

    Additional Services

    Options provided with no charge:
  • Most handling for Vet, Farrier and other routine treatments
  • Variations on feed (wetting hay, soaking pellets, adding supplements, etc.)

    Options for an additional charge:
  • Weekly grooming
  • Feed supplements (at cost)
  • Veterinary treatments beyond those included in our basic board
  • Different feed rations (at cost)

    This is not an all-inclusive list. We are willing to work with our customers to give the horse what he or she needs or wants.

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