Thoroughbred Mare - 2004

We are so happy to have another mare in the herd! Kahlia is super-sweet, intelligent and full of expression. She's settling in wonderfully :)


Dutch Warmblood Gelding - 1996

Al is the guy everyone greets first! He has been calm and cool from the time he stepped off the trailer, going so far as falling asleep in cross-ties :) There is nothing not to love about Al.


Thoroughbred Gelding - 2000

Neiko stepped off the trailer the perfect gentleman, and has continued to set the bar high. He is handsome and friendly and well-mannered. We are lucky to have Neiko living with us!

Bear Paw Confetti (Bear Paw)

Appaloosa Gelding - 1995

Bear Paw has a huge presence, which is backed by him being a super-sweet and well-mannered guy. We enjoy having him on our farm!


Appaloosa Gelding - 1999

Tucson is a big, easy-going, good looking guy. He has wonderful manners and a "been there, done that" attitude. It's an added bonus to have some more eye-candy on the farm :)


Norwegian Fjord Mare - 1997

One of Nan's trail riding (meaning 15 minutes around the field now and then) companions.


Norwegian Fjord Mare - 1992

Nan's other 'Pasture Ornament' / occassional trail riding companion.


Paint Gelding - 1998

Sunny not only turns heads with his good looks (I dont think I need to say more than 'Bay Medicine Hat Paint'...); he is also affectionate and has wonderful manners. We look forward to many years with Sunny!

Chip's Zane Grey (Chips)

Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding - 1996

Chips is a polite and handsome guy. He's well mannered and has given a lot of joy to his owners and others who have known him. Chips deserves a relaxing retirement.

Fine Style (Finey)

Oldenburg Gelding - 2001

We knew Finey as a foal, his Owner is a wonderful friend of ours! He has grown into a handsome, BIG guy with a loving personality and showstopping trot. He is loving retirement.


Hanoverian Gelding - 1995

Ramazotti joined us from Massachusets, introducing himselfl as he walked off the trailer and fitting in instantly. He is handsome, affectionate and quite the talker!

Nichols Worth (Nicky)

Thoroughbred Gelding - 1990

Nicky came to us from Minnesota, where his owner met him and promoted him to a much improved life. Nicky is a great guy - greeting us politely (but not quietly!) for his meals and generally enjoying life.

Final Gold (Andy)

Thoroughbred Gelding - 1991

Andy was a successful hunter jumper in Massachusets in his younger days. He still shows the style and movement he had in the show ring - with the added benefit of loving to roll where he will get the most dirt coverage now that he is retired! Andy has perfect manners and loves being groomed, turnout time and eating.


Hanoverian Gelding - 1990

Cambridge competed as a hunter jumper in Massachusets before his retirement. He is originally from Germany, and spent some time in the Midwest as a youngster. Cambridge is a big guy - he is handsome and sweet and accomodates the shorter humans that he encounters :) We have discovered his itchy spots and make sure he has plenty of shavings for his roll every evening when he comes back into his stall.

Benjamin Moore

Dutch Warmblood Gelding - 1991

Benjamin spent his early career in the jumper ring in Mexico and when his current owner purchased him in Texas and changed his name he competed in the level 3's and 4's, taking very good care of her and jumping anything that was in front of him. His heart is as big as he is but he ironically can be afraid of his own shadow which can cause him to jump into your pocket. He still doesn't know he won't fit. Benjamin came to us from Illinois.

Now or Never (Oliver)

Warmblood Gelding - 1994

Oliver is a handsome and intelligent guy. He was a very successful hunter jumper in Illinois in his prime. Now Oliver enjoys the comforts of retired life - his current favorites are rolling, grazing, weekly grooming (don't forget extra time rubbing his forehead) and apple slices. He is one we count on for not just a greeting, but a conversation as we bring hay out.

Hidden Treasure (Homer)

Thoroughbred Gelding - 1992-2018

Homer was super SWEET and super SMART! He instantly became Andy's best friend and was a wonderful horse to be around. He will be missed.


Hanoverian Gelding - 1997

Donovan is a big, handsome, well-mannered guy who exudes sweetness :) He's wonderful to be around and we were happy to know him! Donovan moved to be very close to his Mom.


Westphalian Gelding - 1990-2017

William still looked like a teenager, which is a compliment to the great care his owner has provided him through the years. He earned that top-level care, being a very accomplished jumper and a super-cool horse to boot.

Follow Me Fred (Fred)

Dutch Warmblood Gelding - 1993

Fred is a charmer. He's easy to work with, friendly and has alot of personality! He is now living closer to his owner - always a good thing :)


Morgan Gelding - 1988

Scooter is a handsome and intelligent guy who seems half his age! We were happy to have Scooter relaxing and enjoying life at our facility!


Quarter Horse Gelding - 1989-2017

Cooper was smart and sensible with perfect manners. He was happy just relaxing at pasture :)

Kaycie's Kentucky Gentleman (Casey)

Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding - 1989-2016

Casey was right there saying hello when we walked in the barn. He came to us to retire together with his buddy Chips! We are happy knowing we provided him a great retirement with a great companion, caring attention and lots of food!

Fox Creek Donella (Donny)

Morgan Mare - 1986-2015

Donny was a very accomplished Driving mare - both in the show ring and out having fun for 2 generations of owners in Minneota! She pistoned out a ground-covering and showy trot daily in her retirement and drew all the eyes to her. We loved her personality - she had many facial expressions, was a great problem-solver and we trusted her unconditionally. She was a lovely mare and we were lucky to have her here.

Pabellina (Pabby)

Oldenburg Mare - 2005

We cared for Pabby in her mid-late pregnancy. She is a stunning mare, bred to an amazing stallion - and she produced a healthy and beautiful filly!

Ida and Qiwi

Swedish Warmblood Mares - 2004 & 1989

Qiwi and Ida (Grandmother & Granddaughter) are fellow Wisconsin horses who lived with us temporarily. They are beautiful, healthy, wonderfully trained mares with personalities plus! We loved having them with us.


Percheron Mare - 2011

Ruby lived with us temporarily between her previous and new homes in Wisconsin. She is a young, sweet, pretty draft girl who is very inquisitive and, of course, loves any food she is offered.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Standardbred Mare - 1992

Georgia is a delicate girl with a sweet disposition and excellent manners. She and her Mom have a wonderful bond, which is great to see. Georgia had a life in harness racing, then polo before getting her lucky break meeting her current owner. Miss Georgia lived with us for several months while her owner moved to a new area and found a perfect place for Georgia to live in Indiana. We look forward to updates on how they are doing in their new home.

Jane Doe (Marci)

Thoroughbred Mare - 1990-2011

She was trained and shown successfully through second level dressage, schooling third. She was one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet - kind and caring to humans and other horses. She's our 'Princess Marcella'. Marci moved when Nan moved - from Minnesota to New York to Michigan and finally to Wisconsin.

Frankenphon (Frank)

Arabian Gelding - 1978-2012

Frank had done everything. He hadn't lost much of his spunk either. He frequently galloped up for his breakfast and caused a big ruckus when things didn't go his way.


Trakehner Gelding - 1990

Leo holds a special spot in our hearts. He was Marci's pasturemate and our first boarded retiree. Leo (or 'Nudge', as we often called him - for reasons you can deduce) was an upper level dressage horse in his day and it was obvious from the moment you first saw him. He was polite and you could not ignore his presence - what a personality! Leo left us to be near his 'Mom' when she moved elsewhere in Wisconsin - always a happy reason for leaving!

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